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Amar Coach is the largest online open learning platform for everyone; from Python courses to cooking, all are free.

About Amarcoach

Amarcoach delivers online content from the experts to all Bangladeshi, believe in a simple philosophy that education can shape a nation's backbone stronger. From students to corporate professionals Amar Coach can be a good online resource.

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A stunning website, fabulous design full of creativity that attracts people to choose and learn on their own.

Knowledge is like an ocean. No matter how you adapt to swim across it, the cravings keep increasing. Kazi Manzur Ahmed, founder of Amar Coach believes in a simple philosophy knowledge should be adaptive and free for society. Amarcoach is not the first in its class for providing free education, but it presents experts in the platform who provides free education for mankind. Amarcoach delivers all types of content developed by industry professionals like engineers, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists around Bangladesh.

Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.

Think of a car which is 100 years old. No air conditioning, no ABS breaking, no fuel efficiency, no comfort, and it is inferior to what is a car of today. How the car then got improved? Adaptive Knowledge. What we learn raw is call education, and what we improve is call knowledge. Amarcoach is built for developing adaptive knowledge, delivers free online education for everyone.